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DIY Spring Inspired Cheese and Charcuterie Board Display

Follow our step by step instructions below to see how we created this Spring inspired Cheese and Charcuterie board display. The main spotlight on this platter was some gorgeous Spring Pea Tendrils that are locally grown right outside of Edinburgh. The three cheeses we used were a Spanish Manchego, Scottish Cheddar and French Brie. We encourage you to use your favourite cheeses for this platter if you don't like a Manchego, cheddar or brie! 
What you will need:
  • x3 Cheeses 
  • Salami 
  • Prosciutto 
  • Nocellara Olives
  • Walnuts and Pistachios
  • Fresh Fruit - Strawberries, Blueberries, Plums 
  • Dried Apricots
  • Condiments - Chutney and fresh local honey
  • Fresh Eucalyptus to decorate


The first step to creating this board is to grab yourself a round board or plate to lay the food on. We used a round white marble cheese board! You want to when making a cheese and charcuterie board start by laying the cheeses you will be using across the board and never touching. This is also a good time to add to the board any condiment you might want to include. We are using a mini Tiptree chutney and some local Edinburgh honey! We went ahead and decided to fan out the Brie strips, stack our Manchego wedges and crumble our Cheddar. Next add your charcuterie to the main spaces on the board. Again try to not have your charcuterie touching! You want to leave the centre of the board empty to allow for the olives to be added later on. Add a few walnuts next to the prosciutto. A Cheese and Charcuterie board is a process of building - you don't want to start with too much as you can go back in adding more later on!


Next is time to start filling the board with colours and texture. We used Nocellara olives which have the most amazing, vibrant green colour. Adding dried apricots also add warmth to your board. Using nuts like walnuts and pistachios are great for nibbling and also add texture amongst the cheese and charcuterie. Nuts are good to use to fill spaces on a board. Here we are using them to also help round the plate and fill in awkward spaces between other foods.

Once you have your board covered with your main elements it is now time to decorate and make your board pop! Some easy ways to do that is with garnishes - e.g. fruit, herbs, flowers, eucalyptus etc! We went for some warm pink/red/orange toned fruits - plums and strawberries. They bring the board to life! We also used for the centre of the board some gorgeous locally grown pea tendrils. They go beautifully with cheese and offer a refreshing and unusual pairing! Pop the tendrils in the middle of the board and let the shoots sprawl out from all directions. The tendrils offer a Spring like feel - almost like replicating a new budding Spring flower!

The last step is just to add those final touches. We added some blueberries to create contrast on the board. Whilst the board is Spring inspired and full of warm tones its nice to add small amount of cooler tones and garnishes. Lastly we added eucalyptus sprigs around the edges. We love eucalyptus and the smell of it too. It adds a more natural element to the board and also creates a finished “final touches” look. 
And there you have it! Pop your board in some natural light and snap away - you’ve got yourself a tasty insta worthy board!

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